Board Papers - A Kind of Board Portal


Your directors and meeting attendees start using our familiar book-like app after only a few minutes of training.

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With no per-user fees and discounts for NPOs, Board Papers is significantly less expensive than comparable products.

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Beyond the Board

Hundreds of managers at Standard Chartered Bank now conduct meetings using iPads instead of print documents.

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On-Premise or Hosted

Deploying Board Papers on-premise keeps sensitive documents safe inside your organization and off external sites.

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Meetings are managed using the industry-standard Microsoft SharePoint® platform you're likely already using.

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With 1000's of users, you'll find us everywhere See the Board Papers difference
From New York to Sydney to Johannesburg, one thing Board Papers® users have in common is they're different.

They're Fortune 50 retailers and tiny non-profits, community colleges and community banks, global financial institutions and regulatory agencies.

They're also cutting the time they spend delivering documents for board meetings, while providing a great meeting experience for their directors.

So be a little different and contact Pervasent for a demonstration and free trial (510) 903.1001
Discover why Apple features our iPad app on its "How-To's" site and in its stores.

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