Designed for Wide Adoption

While our clients may initially deploy Board Papers® for board and committee meetings, many soon realize that Board Papers can be used to organize and distribute documents, videos and other materials for a wide range of events.

A flexible SharePoint® interface makes it easy to set up “sites” for one-time events or recurring meetings. Access to materials is set in SharePoint, so you have complete control over who gets what documents and when.

Using your “board” portal, you can securely deliver construction drawings and schedules to project teams, course work and exams for training programs, and prospectuses and reports to your investors. Large banks and a sovereign wealth fund use Board Papers for all their management meetings and have thousands of Board Papers users.


For a multi-million dollar building project where changes to plans are regularly made, we can get the latest documents to fortnightly meeting attendees.

Dean Bond, IT Manager, St. Basil’s Homes


Being a Good Citizen, Extending Paperless Meetings Beyond the Board

In this white paper, examples from Pervasent’s customers are explored along with the role of mobile devices in the success of paperless initiatives.

You will learn about the key considerations your organization needs to consider when extending your board portal beyond the boardroom.

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