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Pervasent’s customers range from small organizations with handfuls of board members to some of the world’s leading businesses with scores of management committees and thousands of Board Papers users.

Whether located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Bermuda, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Pakistan, India, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho or South Africa, our customers’ feedback and support helps us to continually improve our products and services.

A CEO’s Perspective

A Board Papers customer since 2013, Doug Devlin reflects on his company’s experience deploying and using Board Papers.


Our clients tell our story better than we do.

“Board Papers works smoothly and simply – it just runs”

“Board Papers’ real beauty is that the SharePoint back-end is familiar and comfortable for the administrators that put together the board packs, while board members are spared any complexity.

“We looked at other solutions, but they were hosted solutions and we preferred Pervasent’s integrated approach. Board Papers met our high expectations of what we wanted to do.

“Board Papers works smoothly and simply – it just runs. We’re confident that we are getting great value from our investment.”

Darryl Warren, Chief Information Officer, Lion

“Board Papers is the superior choice”

“Board Papers has met and exceeded all our expectations. It is intuitive and easy to use.

“Being familiar with Diligent Boards, for us Board Papers is the superior choice in a number of aspects and, considering the cost differential, I could see no justification for choosing Diligent.”

Ross Dawson, CEO, Manningham Centre

“The only solution for us, it is easy to support and maintain”

“We saw a lot of board portal solutions at conferences. The ability to deploy Board Papers in-house and the right price point made it the only solution for us.

“We have a number of older board members who we gave iPads to and they were able to understand how to use the app and start reading documents right away.”

Greg Johnson, CTO, PointBank

“Our administration team have praised the app”

“Board Papers has been one of the easiest roll-outs that we’ve done – a real quick win.

“Our administration team have praised the app. in particular, with regard to amount of time saved preparing, distributing and synchronising of documents to the board members.”

Mark Haley, IT Services, North Hertfordshire College

“…it delivered everything that our board was looking for”

“Board Papers was the clear choice for our University. The product is an incredible value for the services that it delivers. It was quick to install and requires little IT resources to maintain.

“From a board perspective, it delivered everything that our board was looking for. There was very little training for board members because the app is so easy to use.

“Pervasent has been excellent to work with and is responsive to our product enhancement requests. We have been extremely satisfied with Board Papers and look forward to using it for years to come.”

Jeanette C. Britt, Chief Information Officer, Mercyhurst University

“…incredibly intuitive and user friendly”

“When looking for an application to take our Board Meeting Papers from paper to electronic, it was important that we found a system that was easy for everyone to use.

“After testing and analysing a number of different applications it was clear that Board Papers best suited our needs.

“Board Papers is simple, clear and provides an easy-to-use process for administrators who are not experienced with technology. On top of this it’s incredibly intuitive and user friendly.”

Kelly Wahlstrom, PA to General Managers, FMG

“We’ve saved thousands of pages from the shredders”

“Our department won an award for the best innovative idea introduced in the Bank this year under the theme of ‘Doing More with Less’ for the introduction and successful use of Board Papers. Easiest award we ever won.

“It’s awesome seeing the reaction by all the users and we’ve saved thousands of pages from the shredders. Take a bow and please thank the team on our behalf. This is great tech that just works!”

Marsorry Ickua, Director, Information Technology, Bank of Namibia

“…cost less than other solutions we reviewed”

“We were looking for a board solution that we could deploy on-premise. Pervasent hosted a trial sandbox for us until we were able to install Board Papers on our own server. Board Papers is easy to use, flexible and cost less than other solutions we reviewed.”

Brian Rear, CEO, Millennium Minerals Limited

“Board Papers had the right features”

“We looked at more expensive board portals first. Board Papers had the right features for us and offers an excellent value.”

Slade Hornick, Director, Information Technology, Texas Farm Bureau

“…will return our investment many times”

“We are using Board Papers not only for our board meetings but committee meetings as well.

“We appreciate the ability to securely distribute documents in advance of meetings for review by the end users. The users appreciate the ease of use of the product. We feel Board Papers is a good value and will return our investment many times over in efficiency and resource savings for our bank.”

Tommy Phipps, Vice President/CFO, COO, Commercial Bank

“We set up the solution in less than half a day”

“We were looking for an opportunity to save significant printing costs and work around preparing and distributing documents to our Board and committees. Board Papers met all our needs, especially regarding ease of use, annotations and security requirements.

“We set up the solution in less than half a day, prepared the iPads for board and committee members and handed iPads to them with less than 10 minutes of training.

“All of them are happily using Board Papers since and our service desk is also happy. The system simply just works.”

Jón Andri Sigurðarson, IT Director, The Financial Supervisory Authority, Iceland

“We no longer print our board packs”

“We had been sourcing for alternatives to uphold our commitment to environmental protection. Board Papers provided a solution seamlessly.

“We no longer print our board packs and no longer have to coordinate logistics for mailing to our board members, who are constantly travelling.

“The ease of use of both the app and SharePoint ensures that documents are easily accessible to not just users of the Board Papers app, but users on other platforms as well.”

Clara Lim, Group Paralegal, KrisEnergy

“We use Board Papers for all board committee meetings”

“With very little training for board members, even those not so tech-savvy, Board Papers is a simple and efficient way to distribute meeting papers.

“We now use Board Papers for all board committee meetings, saving us time and money printing and distributing papers. Uploads are quick and easy and changes to documents are available instantly.

“Pervasent has been particularly responsive to our requests for specific folder enhancements.”

Vincent Bucci, General Manager, Business Services, Connections UnitingCare

“Our board of governors have really taken to Board Papers”

“Our board of governors have really taken to Board Papers. Many are not from a generation that grew up with IT, which just shows how intuitive the app is.

“There have been tangible benefits too: As a college we used 1.5 million fewer pieces of paper this year compared to last. It’s not all from the board, but they were certainly heavy users!”

Matt Greening, Director, Information Technology, North Hertfordshire College

“Being SharePoint-based, it was much simpler to implement”

“We are very pleased with how simply Board Papers works, both on the directors’ iPads and in SharePoint for the secretary. The directors really like the annotation tools, too.

“When we were evaluating portals, we saw solutions that were richer in features, but were also ‘monsters’ – much more difficult to use. Board Papers had the right features for us, so rolling it out was easy. Being SharePoint-based, it was that much simpler to implement.”

Ólafur Lúther Einarsson, Head, Legal Affairs and Compliance, VIS Insurance Ltd.

We also use the portfolio feature often for our constitution”

“After installing and using Board Papers, we each save over 100 sheets of paper each board meeting. We also use the portfolio feature often for our constitution, industry articles and other reference materials. Board Papers is working well and has delivered on its promise.

“After reviewing more then 15 other products, we found Pervasent Board Papers to be the most cost-effective solution without a compromise on features.”

Hugh Bryant-Parsons, Chairman, & Governance Convenor, Plenty Valley Christian College

“I am extremely impressed with Pervasent’s support ethic”

“Our CEO and CFO can put together board packs using Board Papers, even while they are traveling. It used to take one to two administration staff assisted by senior management days to assemble, print and ship meeting packs and regular associated late amendments.

“I am extremely impressed with Pervasent’s support ethic. We had some development requests that they provided as part of the regular product in very short time. Pervasent also worked with our external host to setup SharePoint at no cost to us.”

Dean Bond, IT Manager, St. Basil’s Homes