Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about deploying Board Papers or systems requirements? See below.
For a pricing or other questions, please contact Pervasent.


Can I get a demonstration of Board Papers?

To schedule a demonstration and start your free 30-day trial, contact Pervasent at (510) 903.1001, inquiry@pervasent.com, or use this convenient form.

To try the Board Papers app for yourself, download it from the from the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store or Google Play Store and tap on the "Demo" button on the first screen after launching the app.

How much does Board Papers cost per user?

Typically, Board Papers is licensed based on the number of "sites" or boards and committees that will be using the application (e.g. the board of directors, audit and governance committees) .

Board Papers offers affordable pricing compared to other solutions. Non-profit discounts are available. Volume and by-user pricing are also available for large deployments.

Contact Pervasent to get pricing for your organization.

I've installed the app on my device, how do I connect to my SharePoint server?

Board Papers requires a server-side component to connect to the iPad, Windows and Android apps. If you are interested in trying the server-side application to manage your documents, Pervasent can set up a free trial on our or your server, or in your O365 tenancy.

To set up a trial, contact Pervasent at (510) 903.1001, inquiry@pervasent.com, or use this convenient form.

What components (server, client) are included in you application?

Board Papers includes both server and client components. The server component uses Microsoft SharePoint to provide secure, centralized control over who gets what documents and when documents will be distributed to and removed from users’ tablet, laptop and mobile devices.

The client component consists of native iPad, Windows and Andoid apps that sync with the server component to download documents and other materials to users' devices. The app offers an intuitive book-like interface, optimized reading experience and full set of annotation tools.

What's required to install the application on my server?

If SharePoint is already installed on your on-premises server, installation consists of running two PowerShell scripts and typically takes an hour or less. For SharePoint Online, installation in your Office 365 tenancy take 30 minutes.

Pervasent provides free installation support, including a pre-installation review to ensure your environment is ready for the deployment and phone and web support throughout the installation process.

Do you offer cloud-based deployments?

Board Papers can be deployed in the cloud (Office 365) or on-premises on your own server. You choose where your sensitive documents reside and your data is always under your control.

Cloud-based deployments use Microsoft SharePoint Online for the document repository.

Do I need SharePoint?

SharePoint is the document repository for Board Papers. If you are not using SharePoint and want to deploy Board Papers on-premises, the Foundation version of SharePoint is available at no cost. Pervasent can assist you in installing SharePoint on your server.

What versions of SharePoint are supported?

For on-premises deployments, SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 are supported, including Standard, Enterprise and the free Foundation editions. In addition, SharePoint Online (Office 365) is supported for cloud deployments.

What document and other file formats are supported?

Users can view almost any type of file using the Board Papers app, including PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, videos, audio files and images. However, certain features are only supported for PDF files, including adding annotations and text search.

What tablets are supported?

All versions of the iPad running iOS 9 or above
Windows 8.1 and 10 devices, including Surface tablets, PCs and laptops
Android tablets running Android 5.0 and above

Can users view documents without an iPad?

In addition to viewing documents using the iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android apps, any user with access to the SharePoint website can view their documents using the standard SharePoint browser-based interface.

Can documents be read offline?

Board Papers users can work offline, for example when traveling on a plane.

Documents are "synced" or downloaded from SharePoint to users' devices when users connect to a network. Downloaded documents can be read and annotated even when users are not connected to a network.

How secure is Board Papers?

Board Papers is used by organizations that require the highest levels of security, including global financial institutions, regulatory agencies and hospital systems.
Organizations that host Board Papers on-premises can leverage the security protocols that they already have put in place. Office 365 deployments leverage the robust security of that platform.

Client access to documents is set in the SharePoint application and strictly enforced. Only documents that users are authorized to view are downloaded to their iPad, Windows or Android device. All files are encrypted in transit and on the device. Downloaded documents are automatically removed from devices based on expiry dates set in SharePoint, keeping the files stored on users' devices to a minimum.

The iPad app takes full advantage of the security features available on the device, including lock-box and password protection, file isolation and encryption, and remote wiping of data. The app cannot be run on a jail-broken iPad and any attempt to attach a debugger triggers immediate counter measures.

Board Papers also supports the use of mobile device management (MDM) platforms such as MobileIron, Blackberry and Sector for authorizing users and remotely removing Board Papers data for a specific user or device.

What documentation is provided?

Pervasent provides user and installation documentation along with access to an online support site for all licensed customers. Training videos are also available.

A quick guide is available from the Board Papers app in demo mode. If you are currently evaluating Board Papers, all user and installation guides are available upon request.

The Board Papers app is available in Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.