A Board Portal For MobileIron Users


Board Papers integrates intuitive iPad and iPhone apps with Microsoft SharePoint® to provide great paperless meetings for your boards and committees. Agendas are created and documents quickly organized using a custom SharePoint dashboard, and then downloaded to meeting attendee’s iPads and iPhones for anytime access.


A book-like interface makes the Board Papers app simple to use. With a finger tap or two, meeting participants review documents, add notes, cast votes and sign pages. The Board Papers for ME app has been specifically designed for use with MobileIron and AppConnect. A separate Board Papers app is available for use without AppConnect.

Enhanced security

Authorize individual users to use Board Papers

Remotely remove data for a specific user or device

Set email, print and pasteboard policies

Push app configuration parameters from VSP

Securely connect to your network with AppTunnel and Sentry

Additional encryption provided by the AppConnect container

Board Papers book-like and intuitive interface