Board Papers

A Simpler Board Portal for All of Us

Printed board books are cumbersome. Emailed documents get lost in crowded inboxes.
Board Papers uses Microsoft SharePoint® to deliver great paperless meetings.

Using Board Papers®, assembling and delivering board and meeting packs takes half the time, while your directors read and mark up documents using an app that takes minutes to master. Every day, Board Papers is used by organizations worldwide – from leading financial institutions with 1000s of Board Papers users to legislatures with 100s of members to small non-profits with a single board. Whatever you do, wherever you are, Board Papers makes meetings easy and effective while fitting seamlessly into your existing and future IT strategy.


 Two taps to any document; an intuitive, book-like app requires no formal training.


 Approved for use by global financial institutions and regulatory agencies.


Pricing for one to unlimited boards and committees, discounts for non-profits.


Installs in your O365 tenancy in 30 minutes or SharePoint server in an hour.

Two minutes to better meetings

Take 2 minutes to watch the video below or scroll down for 4 reasons why Board Papers is the right board portal for your organization.

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Four keys to the right board solution

Our customers tell us they chose Board Papers for their board and management meetings for four key reasons.

Simpler by design

Board Papers was built for touchscreen devices from day one to create a unique and responsive tablet and laptop experience using our iPad, Windows and Android apps.

Every meeting is represented as a book. With one or two fingertaps, app users navigate to documents, swipe through pages without delay and mark up documents. Resolutions are voted on and documents signed.

Secured by SharePoint

Board Papers leverages the robust security built into SharePoint and Office 365. Permissions set in SharePoint ensure board packs are only provided to authorized meeting attendees.

Meeting organizers craft agendas and upload materials in SharePoint to create electronic board packs. Documents are automatically downloaded to directors’ devices. Updates are delivered the minute they’re available.

The right features & price

By focusing on the key features your organization needs, Board Papers provides a simpler meeting experience at a lower cost. You don’t pay for features you won’t use.

Board Papers cuts your costs by streamlining the assembly and delivery of your board and meeting packs. Board and committee-based licensing means you don’t need to worry about new fees every time you add a user.

Keep control of your data

Your meeting data and materials are kept in your own Office 365 tenancy or on-premises SharePoint server. Other solutions require you to store your sensitive data on their servers.

That means you maintain complete control of your data. No external vendor has access to your board and meeting materials. And whether in Office 365 or on-premises, you can be up and running in an hour or less.