Team Papers

Mobilizing Microsoft Teams

Team Papers brings the benefits and features enjoyed by thousands of users of our SharePoint-based Board Papers solution to Microsoft Teams®.

From chat to videoconferencing, Microsoft Teams provides great tools for your groups to collaborate. But ultimately, we communicate using documents, whether reports for management meetings or the latest collateral for the Sales team. The final deliverable for our work is more often than not, documents.

Using the Team Papers tab in Microsoft Teams, you quickly create agendas or tables of contents to organize your groups’ documents. Agendas and documents are published to team members’ iPads, laptops, Surface tablets and Android devices. An intuitive, book-like app provides on and offline, two-tap access to any document. Team members quickly jump between documents, add private notes and electronically sign pages. Updates to documents are delivered the minute they’re available.


 An intuitive, book-like app takes minutes to master.


 Documents are encrypted in transit and at rest.


Pricing for any size team, discounts for non-profits.


Installs in your O365 tenancy. You’re up and running fast.

Two minutes to better Teams

Take 2 minutes to watch the video below to learn how Team Papers can make your use of Teams even better.

Teams are versatile, so is Team Papers

Just as Microsoft Teams is widely used across organizations, Team Papers delivers meeting documents for your executive teams. work plans and schedules to project teams, course work for training programs, and prospectuses to your investors.

Team leaders setup meetings or portfolios in the Team Papers tabs. Portfolios are used to deliver reference materials to team members, such as company policies for an executive committee or service bulletins for a support team. Agendas and tables of contents organize documents in the way people actually work and provide a natural structure to navigate between documents.

In the standard Teams interface, you either end up with a bunch of documents in a single folder without any context, or you can try to use subfolders to add that context. Search might seem an alternative to hunting for documents in subfolders, but you don’t want to repeatedly do searches every time you just want to review your documents.

Team Papers is Mobile

Team Papers is designed for mobile devices. You literally have all the documents for all your meetings in one hand. Participants come to meetings prepared.

Mobile devices can play an important role in having more effective meetings. Attending a meeting with just a tablet provides a great paperless experience. Laptops are great, but they’re not ideal reading devices and create a literal wall between participants at meetings.

Our customers tell us a key benefits of having better-prepared attendees is shorter meetings. Also, many organizations have passed out iPads and Surface tablets to their executives and managers. Team Papers provides an excellent way to make better use of these devices beyond email and surfing the web.